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Flash Magnets (encouraging bible verses)


A Note from our founder

I need more Life!  Every day!  When I’m facing a difficult situation, a difficult season, or even just a grumpy day, I feel like my very life is being sapped from the struggle.  The good news is that when I need it most, there is an endless supply of Spirit and Life!  All I have to do is to turn to Jesus’ words.  When I believe His words are true, that’s called faith.  Faith is a tool that brings all the goodness of God into my world for me and for the benefit of others.  When I remember what He said, a freshness comes to me, my strength is renewed, and faith bubbles up so I am changed.  I no longer feel burdened.  I can rise in power, fully equipped to handle whatever is weighing me down.

This is how Words of Life Online got started over 40 years ago.  As a young struggling single mother, I began writing scriptures from the Bible that spoke to me on 3 x 5 index cards.  I put them on my refrigerator, on my bathroom mirror, in my car, at my desk, and in my purse.  They began shaping my life from the inside out, as I read and thought about what each scripture meant.  I’m offering Words of Life to you as you go through your days.  He promised He would never leave us, so all we have to do is turn to Him, remember what He said, ask for His help, and follow His instructions.  Spirit and Life are ours every minute of every day and night!

Unlike my index cards, Flash Magnets aren’t subject to moisture or wear, even when tossed around in your purse or covered with spilled coffee.  You can place them on your refrigerator, office wall, bathroom mirror, or file them away in their own little box where they are easily retrievable next time you need a reminder from the Holy Spirit.  I encourage you to select one each week to think on and memorize.  Let it speak to you during your days.  Let them speak to your family, too, as they see what you are thinking about and are strengthened in their own lives.  You’ll find, as I did, that His Words will come back to mind just when you need them most, like flash cards when you were in elementary school.  Who doesn’t remember their ABCs?

Flash Magnets are sold in sets of five and grouped together by subject such as healing, identity in Christ, gifts of the Spirit, etc. We will introduce new subjects each month while still maintaining our previous inventory. Through our reward system you can earn discounts on future Flash Magnet purchases. They are great for your personal growth as well as making excellent gifts. Order yours today!

In addition to selling the Flash Magnets, Words of Life Online offers a community to grow in Jesus. Each week, one of the verses will be posted on our website, Facebook page and Instagram, along with a brief commentary that helps to explain the verse. Our Facebook page will allow for your posts, stories, and testimonies. We also offer an option for you to request prayer from our WOLO team. Please like us on social media and share with us how each scripture is changing your life.